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We are interested in understanding how protein post-translational modifications shape the proteomic network and how cancer cells use these modifications to rewire their signaling pathways and transform the tumor milieu. Our goal is to understand the complexity and heterogeneity of human cancers at the protein level, we believe such knowledge will help us design novel anti-cancer therapies. The lab uses multidisciplinary approaches to address a dynamic range of scientific questions in cancer biology and beyond.

Our current projects are focused on the novel functions of the Anaphase Promoting Complex/Cyclosome and the NEDD4 family ubiquitin E3 ligases in tumor cell transcriptional reprogramming, tumor metabolism, and the tumor-immune interface. We routinely use protein biochemistry, tumor cell models, and mouse models to address our questions and to test our hypotheses. A combination of mechanism and multi-omics studies in our projects allows us to understand the molecular details while learning the multi-layered networks surrounding the protein/pathway we are investigating.

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Lixin Wan, Ph.D.
Assistant Member, Department of Molecular Oncology

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